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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 30, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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edition of "the opening bell". time for "varney and company". have a good show. stuart: here we go again. action over fair, reaction noon every year, this time we win. good morning, three developments over is there. huge crowds gathering again in hong kong. beijing is rattled. at down media, and demonstrators laid out and optimism. in 1989, and everybody's mine. to europe, near depression level unemployment, 11.5% in the euro zone. let's go to japan. there slow down, factories producing less, consumers cutting way back on spending. the troubles in hong kong, europe and japan brought a lot of money over here because americana offers safety. "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪
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stuart: let's show you the scene again, you are looking at hong kong, 100,000 protesters have gathered. certainly no violence so far. that is old video tape. they want to pick their own candidates and they want the chinese government to meet their demands by tomorrow. the chinese have blocked social and media and blocks out broadcasters. check the big board. as i said earlier money is coming go for here. not much going into stocks, we're 35 points on the dow jones industrial average but look at the yield on the ten year treasury. that is now up. that means the price is down so not much money from overseas and the treasury market, 248 is the ten year yield. charles payne is here. is my premise correct? trouble over fair brings many over here. have i got it wrong? stuart: you are correct. money has a strange sort of thing of trying to seek shelter
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and safety in a place where it can be safe and grow and expand. no matter where it is in the world, makes its way to those kinds of things. right now with the geopolitical issues, you didn't talk about russia. where saturn all-time low. money especially very wealthy people, from 2000 to to this year, $1.4 trillion snuck out of mainland china, $1.4 trillion knockout of mainland china. the money could be sees any moment. a great point to make the money but not a great place to keep it where america for the most part, put it in the bank, you know what happens with it. you know what the rules are. stuart: we are safe haven. that is the bottom line. we are a safe haven, growing 2% to 2.5%, the stock market is high and the dollar because of
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the inflow of money is where the action is today. >> the dollar has been up the last few weeks or so. not a coincidence considering all the things going on around the world. >> we will pose the question could china possibly lose in this fight with the demonstrators. the man who wrote the book will weigh in on that one. that is a 11:30 eastern today. the power of social media in organizing these protests. katie mcfarland is here on that one. look at gold. you always think the price of gold will go up when you have turmoil somewhere in the world. today it is down $5, 1,000 to $12 an ounce because the u.s. dollar is very strong. after diaz and the 500 of broadbased stock indicator, it is up refraction, 3 point gain at 1981. the nasdaq, technology heavy as we always say, a fractional gain
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in percentage terms. check ebay, a different story. ebay and its paypal unit splitting, two separate public companies next year. ebay upon that news. this is what carl icahn wanted from ebay. look at the share price from apple, china says it is after apple addresses security concerns. netflix will premiere a major motion picture. that would be a sequel to the crouching tiger hidden dragon hat. it will preserve the -- sat on netflix at the same time it appears on theaters, august of 2015. getting on netflix the same time you get in the theater. move. that is a real-estate web site. is a winner. why? nicole: you are seeing that soaring to multi-year highs, levels we have not seen since 2007. is up 37%. that is because rupert murdoch is moving forward to buy it at a
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37% premium. this is roughly $950 million, an all cash deal. why would they do this? they have a lot of current offerings but this gives them access to digital media and digital offerings and analysts love it. they have several including,, moving the stock to move to a new high. you see $20.92 in positive territory for 2014. big properties there. stuart: i'm sure investors will take every bit of it. president obama blamed his officials naming james clapper for the slow response to the rise of isis and our apparent lack of knowledge about it but look at this number. according to a new accountability report the president skipped roughly six of ten of his intelligence briefings. bret baier is the host of special report, he joins us, we
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are interested in the standing, credibility of the president. is it normal to attend so few intelligence briefings at times like this? >> good morning. presidents do it differently, get their briefings different ways. president obama is documented here, does not get any verbal form, often times he gets it printout and the presidential daily brief, he reads, we assume, but as far as the briefing he does not get that often and i think those are the stats you are looking at. this is all around the issue of that 60 minutes interview where he said that they got it wrong, the intelligence community. there has been pushed back from the intelligence community in that they say it was in his presidential daily brief for 18 months that isis was going to gain strength and control and
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eventually take huge swaths of territory in syria and iraq and there was public testimony in congress by the defense intelligence agency director michael flynn, general flynn saying that back in february. intelligence community pushed back pretty hard after that statement by the president on 60 minutes. >> no word whether the president wants to relocate his statements on sunday night but i do want to ask you about a hearing going on in congress right now. the secret service director talking about that intruder who got away inside the white house. you know the white house. can you tell us how far the intruder got? >> pretty remarkable. this was the fence jumper we have been reporting on but they stopped him at the door. they told us he was unarmed. he did have a knife, he was armed with a knife, he not only got through the door but he got through the hall to the east
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room, the back door of the east room, if you go to the north korea code, take a right and go down, you got to travel inside the mansion quite a way and it is pretty remarkable that he got that far. secrets service taking a growing on capitol hill on both sides of the aisle today at this hour and expect this to the big story in washington. stuart: is not ideological, it is not right versus left or left versus right, this is confidence of government and the people who are supposed to keep the president's aide, he went up a flight of spares. did you say that? >> he stayed on the state for the walk of the flight of stairs into the north korea co and took a right and he was in the mansion itself. the christmas parties and formal events that are in those rooms on the state for, a lot of people are wondering if he was wearing an explosive fast or
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some other kind of weapon. it would have really been a major security brief. important to note the first family was not fair but he passed through five layers of security. stuart: but the secret service's first response was to say there was admirable restraint on the part of the agents. i want to know why on earth it didn't show up? >> this will be a big deal. how they responded to this, what they told but media. you are right. admirable sri restraint was the release is they put out. representative from utah said we don't want admirable restraint, we'd want overwhelming force when protecting the white house and protecting the president. stuart: thank you very much, we will watch this special report, best political show on television. president obama says we are better off now than we were six years ago but nearly a quarter of all working age people are not employed, no paycheck at all
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it's free of flavors and colorants. for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it. stuart: the market is moving up a little more with 57 point gain, the price of oil down to $93.37, weighed down. maybe that has something to do with the financial times headline front page, u.s. set for top of petroleum league and shale boom. we will surpass saudi arabia as -- very soon. the ford motor co. is under pressure, down 2%, cut its profit outlook for the year, it will make $1 billion less. 14 of them. it has 6,000 pick of trucks over rear suspension problems, because of corrosion, lead to a puncturing of the fuel tank, not
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good news the plea and is down $0.03. let's get to that economic team we have here, rosy spin from the president versus the grim reality on the ground. 20% of workers, when in four in their prime working age, 25 to 54 are either unemployed, not looking for work, they have zero paycheck, nothing coming in the door. c k e restaurants ceo is with us, why are you not hiring people? >> i don't want to mislead le. we are building restaurants in the united states but not nearly at the clip that we could or the people in our industry could. you have the department of labor out there trying to turn the general managers into hourly employees as opposed to salaried employees with incentive bonuses paying them for time spent rather than time well spent. energy costs going up, we'll is down, we will shutdown coal plants and drive up everybody's energy costs at a time when
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energy costs should be going down because of the abundance of carbon fuels in the united states of the war on carbon filter, obamacare driving up the cost of medical coverage which drives up labor costs. the government is threatening to take the minimum wage of 40% which will take up labor costs. the president raised taxes on individuals in 2012 which covers passed through entities. most of our franchisees' are operating as past will entities so their taxes are up, regulatory costs are way up because regulations under this administration have been excessive and we have the nlrb trying to destroy the franchise business model by turning franchise owners into joint employees with their franchisees' so the industry is under attack and could be growing, could be creating jobs but it is very difficult in this environment to project a profit when you have the government doing so many things to keep for-profit down. stuart: i promise our view is a long list of reasons why you got problems with the labour market
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and that was a long list but the president would say it is fair, to raise the minimum wage, is fair to regulate capitalism, fair to regulate the workplace. is it? >> there are a lot of issues, there is some regulations that is very essential, the government's job under the constitution is to protect interstate commerce and want the government protecting commerce. but they are overprotecting it to the point that we go to central planning and restricting growth, the free-market should be determining what products people buy, where they buy them, that is what guided our economy for so many years and so successfully. on the minimum wage you could increase the minimum wage, but you got to understand some jobs are not worth $10 or $15 an hour. i started scooping ice cream defer $1 and a quarter an hour, no way that was worth $10 an hour even in today's market, if you cause labor costs to go up
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for something that does not produce economic value they will cut back on those jobs, there will see a lot of automation, banks, grocery stores, gas stations and more recently in restaurants and airports, there are ways to cut labor back and if you priced people out of the market that will happen. so if you were going to seriously increase the minimum wage you look at the effect on businesss incrementally and in smaller amounts, it isn't just heads of families that are hurt by this, you heard entry-level employees, those who need entry-level jobs. and geographical you have a 45% unemployment rate in san francisco, 11.1 in stockton which is 80 miles away in france now, that you got to realize geography matters which are we to increase the minimum wage. the way the president is talking about is mostly political, not economic and it will hurt us. stuart: the president says we
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are better off, the country's better off now than we were when he took office in 2009. 20 seconds. you agree with that? >> in some ways we are but look at labor participation. if the labour participation rate were the same today as it was when he took office, and employment would be 10.3%. the population has gone up by 13 million people so we are not better off. numbers may look better but numbers can live. the unemployment rate is not a reliable number in this economy so i do disagree with the president. if you look at the polls said tuesday american people. stuart: tv rating drops when the president appeared on 60 minutes on sunday night, dropped precipitously when he was on. in our next hour lou dobbs answers the same question are we better off now in six years ago? don't expect. to hold back. you will join us at 12:30 eastern today.
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breaking news from the fcc and involves the nfl blackout rule, none of which do i understand. rich edson has some details. >> bottom line, the fcc has overturned the blackout rule. this is if you are a local sports team and the nfl employers this, if your local sports team can sell its games, the league has the right to black out the games on television. it is supposed to encourage you to buy tickets. this was in place in the 1970s. the fcc has overturned this thing but the bottom line is the nfl can keep its blackout rules and entering new in agreement with local broadcasters. a very symbolic move overseeing its rules so it is official but it might not change that much. >> kind of a wash. virtually no change, standstill agreement is what you have got. >> the government giving the sign off on it. stuart: i understand it.
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thank you very much indeed. incredible performance. time is money. look what else we are following for you. another black eye for the irs. a new report finds it declared $6.7 billion in unpaid taxes, it close nearly 483,000 cases because they couldn't locate the delinquent taxpayers and they didn't try very hard either. the case schiller home report, rising at the lowest pace in five years. housing is hurting. we are calling it the power of social media. a tweet by lebron james staring up big business for former nfl player drew bledsoe's winery. melissa frances on wine and football. that is in the next hour. there's a new drug. it could help in the fight against breast cancer, it extends life of breast cancer patients. why is this a breakthrough? next. opportunities aren't always obvious.
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sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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and ready to watch with xfinity on demand. >> when it comes to scientific information you are being irresponsible and devoe was a doctor saying that, these are litigious statements, putting children at risk. when a child dies from measles and they do die of measles what
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i you going to say to yourself? stuart: dr. manny alvarez response to those who do not believe in vaccinating their children. i would like to add with is the return of measles the threat of these extreme illnesses is too large to ignore. to the markets check the share price of rayceo, of the tomahawk missile will be phased out by 2015. even though it is being used against isis, 47 of them were loose the first night and $1.4 million apiece. will they reinstate the tomahawk missiles because we are using it? stock is up. look at walgreen's? prescriptions gave sales and nice boost, highest quarterly sales growth in three years but it is down. look at roche, the breast cancer drug has been shown to extend survival in breast cancer patients. dr. mark siegel this year. is this a breakthrough?
11:26 am
>> this is a breakthrough in very good news. 1-quarter of all breast cancer patients have this abnormality, you have a great drug treating it, extending life to three-1/2 years with metastatic breast cancer. this one and on top of that for a different part of the molecule extends it an additional year and a half so women with metastatic breast cancer are getting five years with these two drugs taken together. stuart: metastatic breast cancer, that is one area of breast cancer, one form of it. >> you can get this early in the game, 1/4 of all breast cancer patients have this genetic abnormality. they can benefit from both of these. stuart: expensive. >> it is $6,000 a month so you get a price that was two drugs together of $10,000 a month. stuart: who is going to pay that? >> if you are rich you can pay for it. since this is an fda trial and
11:27 am
the big one i predict insurance companies will cover this but i don't know. august talking to charles, will the government cover it? will medicare cover it? stuart: whose collars it? the drug companies? the insurance companies say we will pay? does the government say we will pay? who makes the call? >> traditionally is the other way around. traditionally we cover and drug companies say, the insurance companies say we will cover. usually they follow the government, medicare and medicaid. that is how it usually does. stuart: why is it so expensive? >> first of all it is an orphan drug, only for a targeted group. companies are paying out, we don't get a lot of sympathy for them. they are paying out $1 billion to make one of these drugs, as they can only use it in a small population. they will charge a lot of money and give a lot of money back to cover their costs. stuart: develop and costs, litigation costs are huge,
11:28 am
$1 billion to introduce the new drug and it is only useful for a relatively small group of people. they got to charge a lot to get their money back. >> there is no competition to drive costs down. down the road, years and years down the road you might see generics in this game but not now. stuart: have they got five years? >> five to ten years. it depends on the drug. stuart: would you make the argument it to be laundered and that, overall longer time. >> that is the argument you and charles should make. let's get it to the patients. i wanted to be cheaper. i should care about drug companies recouping costs because it is longer. charles: incentivize drug companies to find more cures. >> that is so poorly understood. don't just in the one billion dollars willy-nilly if it can get passage. stuart: if they have the exclusive use of that drug.
11:29 am
you don't guarantee they bring the price down. >> you guarantee they will put more money into research and development to create the drug in the first place. the big drug model her lot of drug companies which is why you have seen a lot of acquisitions and mergers and that is why pfizer fell off a cliff, that is the number one drug in the world. the generic took over. stuart: it is good for breast cancer patients extending life your and-half. >> massive demonstrations in hong kong continue. big push for free and fair elections. in china they won't back down. china, gordon chang here to weigh in on that shortly. the irs will not be collecting $6 billion in back taxes. they can't find the people who those the money. so they're giving up.
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15 million more people on food stamps under president obama's watch. now the government is spending millions to get them to help more healthy food. all of that after this. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here
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you leave reports that michael phelps was arrested for drunk driving in maryland last night. i believe he was photographed with marijuana previously. charles: remember, he is the face of a subway. he has omega. these. he needs these endorsements. the drunk driving thing, we will see. stuart: to to just tell me that you lost hello?
11:35 am
just after the marijuana. let's get back to hong kong. i am going to ask you this question, beijing will not lose, will they? stuart: they said in the troops yesterday. beijing was prepared to send and the pupils please which is a unit of the military if they could not reestablish order.
11:36 am
they give and elsewhere. they can not give it. >> they cannot give it. elderly individuals held up signs. also in a related blog posting. those individuals without their own names and ask for the vote. >> it was always the base. this one country two systems. they could even lose their own country over this. >> they have no fear.
11:37 am
kids in china do not have the fear of their own government. they plead this is their city. this is their future. stuart: students heavily committed to winning. that is a clash. >> the implications. are they found? >> even with low-level protests. this is according to the hong kong monetary authority. >> it is not like hong kong.
11:38 am
i used to live there. >> the kids on the street. they are concerned about their future. stuart: thank you very much. another black eye for the irs. the agency gave up on collecting back taxes. why would they do that? another example of our bureaucracy in action. >> they always find me. it is amazing when you think about this.
11:39 am
here is a checklist. you check it off. one check, that is it. >> they don't find them, they still get paid. stuart: the u.s. dea. they want to expand healthier eating options for the fourth. 15 million extra people on food stamps. >> somehow people still do not know what are good for them. stuart: eat your veggies. >> if they really wanted to do it, from 1935-1943, you give a dollar into get back a dollar.
11:40 am
the orange stamps, you could do what ever you wanted with. the blue stamps had a list of what you could buy. they specifically said these are the only foods that you can buy with this. why go through all of this? if people are just so stupid that they do not know what is healthy and what is not healthy, why don't they just cut to the chase. these are the foods that you can buy with food stamps. >> you are the victim here. advertise it. we will tell you the difference between a big mac and an apple. if you want more, to and. the show is called making money.
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judge napolitano says if more people were carrying guns, our country would be much safer. he makes his case after the break. ♪
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the nasdaq composite also placing games. take a look at netflix. on netflix and also in imax theaters. netflix took over with and watching house of cards, orange is the new black. that stock is to the downside. facebook hitting a new high. ever corporate core. a $95 price tape did judge napolitano is next. ♪
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sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. >> offering customers who. guns a 10% discount. he says, he is giving out 15-20 gun discounts every day. we just saw a horrific amount. that worker was the extremism extremist that was finally shot by an officer of the company. judge napolitano is here. if more people were armed, less violence in the country. >> can you back it up.
11:46 am
let's put aside the philosophical and constitutional argument. this monster slaughtered one of his coworkers. he was in the process of doing so to another. he was carrying a weapon in his capacity. everyone in the country carries their arms with them when they are off duty. it is entirely feasible. >> when i argue that phrase more guns equals less crime, do you know what class of people overwhelmingly accept that?
11:47 am
>> they are able to investigate it. that is the way it works in america. the bad guys, they do not fear the police. stuart: i am firmly in the favor of the right to bear arms. more people are walking around with gun.
11:48 am
this guy would not have been able to carry a gun. putting the fear in the minds of the that guy. charles: 113-year-old boy. they have the toughest in america. the bad guys are the only one with guns. you have the right to carry. full carry. >> yes. the state that you and i live in is much like chicago.
11:49 am
you can get a license to buy it and you can get a license to carry it on your own property. it is nearly impossible because of this progressive technology. the police will acknowledge this. >> is there evidence that crime is down? >> there is a great book by john locke. i think he is now the enterprise institute. it is called more guns equals less. the ease of carrying guns reduces crime. stuart: is that workplace violence or is it an act of terror?
11:50 am
this administration recognizes terror as terror. judge, very interesting stuff. the rise of the robots. coming up next, we will talk to the company that makes the robot. yes, they are.
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stuart: i have to keep coming back to the number we brought you earlier. they have no paycheck coming in. could robots -- that is a good question. there is a jewelry factory in
11:55 am
louisiana. this robot takes the job of three people. it does very simple tasks. this thing goes around the factory door and does what exactly? >> they are designed to work with people. everyone 1000th of a second, our robot is updated what is going on on the floor. >> that is not quite where we are at. small manufacturing companies. food, retail. you have been in use in the field.
11:56 am
that literally walks and is propelled around the factory floor. our robot arm opel. what we do is we link our robots to the internet and erv systems. you are replacing human workers. >> i think to a degree. six months-12 months. stuart: what do you put down for maintenance cost? >> we typically provide a two-year warranty.
11:57 am
>> absolutely. there are typically upgrades. you may start by doing a particular process. it is 57,000 units worldwide. >> six robots and our mobile robots. we have been in business for 30 years. stuart: right up front. thank you very much, indeed. k.t. mcfarland on whether china will blink. plus, the balance of power in the senate. foreign-policy. not good. obamacare not be good. the answer is in our two which is two minutes away. ♪
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>> when president obama appeared on 60 minutes, he said the company was better off now than he was six years ago. the audience tuned him out. viewers turned the president off. then no longer accept the president's been. middle america knows that does not mean we are again a prosperous nation. household income down. part-time work has expanded. there are far fewer full-time jobs. there is no paycheck at all for one quarter of 25-54 -year-olds. where is the prosperity for a company with this many recipients?
12:01 pm
♪ >> we will get to that economic disconnect of a story. this is a live look of the scene there. growing very big crowds again. about 100,000 people of hong kong. beijing has shut down media. you can't get the message from beijing to the rest of china. the money angle is this. money there means more money pouring into our markets. charles: you know, what, the money could be seized at any
12:02 pm
moment. america, for the most part, you put it in the bank. you know what will happen with it. stuart: the demonstrators have given the chinese government a deadline. they want it by tomorrow. >> it is a challenge to their legitimacy. they are terrified. they solve saw the chaos of a revolution in china. it was in the 1960s and 1970s. he went with them. he saw what happened. the other leaders were the student cards.
12:03 pm
they are terrified that social unrest spreads throughout china. in this case, it is political. shutting down social media in the last 24 hours. the people in beijing will find out what the others are doing. nationwide demonstrations that they do not know how to stop. stuart: the genie is out of the bottle. they are using it. that is how they are organizing these demonstrations.
12:04 pm
very hard to shut down completely. >> twitter, social media was allowing large groups. the chinese looked at that and they thought, yeah, we can be next. they always had real prohibitions and real shutdowns. you cannot access international media. stuart: why are they not coming out more strongly? the british and americans can face very tepid. >> the problem is they are kind of free right now.
12:05 pm
they are potentially getting us into another iraq war in the middle east. i think that we may look at europe. we have russia, ukraine. i think that what happens in china is it will be something that the united states does not want to get in trouble in that part of the united states as well. stuart: why is the president only attending four out of 12 intelligence briefings? >> when i worked in the white house, every morning, it was the intelligence briefing. my job was to type that. it was like a classified newspaper. the fact that the president did not get those oral briefings, he just got a piece of paper, i think that is in indication of
12:06 pm
how i'm seriously he is taking this. >> if the president is watching fox news, that will be a big improvement. >> we are a safe haven. mostly we are seeing that in the u.s. dollar. the s&p 500, where is that? just a fraction. look at the price of gold. you tend to think that gold would come up. there will be two separate and
12:07 pm
publicly traded companies next year. you see the stock is up 70 points. it works. paypal really is quite lucrative. growing faster. some people that bought ebay shares. the analysts think it is a great move. a better takeover target. remember when kara icon had his fortune and he was saying split them up. it will be a tax-free spinoff to shareholders during the second half of next year. stuart: thank you very much.
12:08 pm
chris, why are the republicans not out there hammering the president? i do not see them hammering the president on any of those issues. some of the things that they are doing wrong. every rate is different. every state will have its own issues. in some states, they are talking about the border crisis. some states about foreign affairs. some states it is about obamacare.
12:09 pm
>> can you be effect this? you have nobody right at the center. if you separ state-by-state, is that really a successful polar operation? >> it is when you are running for the united states senate. the president, not too much. even at the level of a senate campaign, you will find some races where they are talking about other issues. they are talking about obamacare. >> can i ask you to the object this for a second? we have 44 days until the big election. will the republicans take the
12:10 pm
senate? >> i believe that they will. they are making a big bite and kentucky. mitch mcconnell is up seven points there. they will invest their money and trying to win and kentucky. now, democrats are fighting their battles on republican turf. i think they could pick up even two-3-foot cushion. stuart: thank you very much, indeed, sir. still to come this hour. lou dobbs weighs in. are we better now than when the president took office? another sign of the trouble in the housing market. the rise is slowing.
12:11 pm
we have some extremely expensive diamonds in the studio. i am allowed to touch them. you will like this. i will show you people diamonds and how much they cost. we have drew bledsoe. former quarterback. now a winemaker. we will do without. next, someone who makes those solar powered drones. the ones that facebook and google want to bring. ♪ ♪
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stuart: a real estate website called move. buy it for 950 million. up 36%. here is walgreens. prescriptions giving a nice boost to the stop. it is not up. it is down $0.47. two hong kong and the protests. what they need with your money. the premise is trouble over
12:15 pm
there brings money over here. is my premise correct and accurate? >> yes. i think that is definitely the way you have to look at it. if any indication, you have seen this happen. obviously, we are at higher levels. i completely agree with what you are saying. europe has 11 and a half% unemployment rate. down goes the euro. up goes the dollar. >> i would agree with that. >> do you think that there is a possibility here that the hong
12:16 pm
kong situation could become a black swan event? >> i really do not think so. i think if it gets any worse, it may get like that. we will just see that image kind of disappear. maybe it is a different story, but i doubt that will happen anytime soon. the race is on to protect unmanned drones. it makes drones that run completely on solar power. you have a prototype, huge drone. it flies at 60,000 feet. 150 feet found large.
12:17 pm
the reasoning for that is as you go up and altitude, its power goes up exponentially. stuart: this big drone flies at 60,000 feet. because it is all solar power, it can stay up. >> the prototype that we've built flew for 27 hours. what happens is, the battery is charged during the day using a solar panel. they are used for flight powered flying the aircraft and the accessories. >> i am calling it a giant drone.
12:18 pm
$1.2 million? that seems like a very low price for what that thing could do. >> it is fairly accurate. the actual sales price is very dependent on the market. >> you are actually talking with the googles of this world. >> yes. they are our entities in the world. we are one of them. facebook is trying to do this. google is trying to do this. there are very few players in this target right now. google is very interested in what we have done so far. we are in talks with google. >> just provide internet
12:19 pm
services for a huge footprint. is that accurate? >> yes. expanding the horizons of internet access to areas of the world that currently do not have that. it is quite expensive. it is not practical for areas that have very low population. the projection by google business. stuart: global flight systems. thank you for joining us, sir. appreciate it. a popular app, and bicycle
12:20 pm
messaging service. they are expanding. will that whole idea flight? the ceo is next. ♪ she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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12:24 pm
stuart: when you look forward motor company stock it is $5 per share. it will make 1 billion a half less than previously expected. toyota. it is down hardly at all. $0.21 lower. walgreens. the company reported small sales. it expects medicare part delta. do not say that. down she goes. we introduced you to this app. it is a plastic delivery service. have you ever been to san francisco? those hills?
12:25 pm
one more time. i am not joking. i did live in san francisco. you are taking a bicycle messaging delivery service there. very different than new york. we expect you to deliver in one hours. why do you think of a low-tech bicycle service will work. >> we very much our a tech knowledge he platform.
12:26 pm
a way to become the incumbent in the space. stuart: your delivery time is one hour. ordering of delivery from one place to another and you are guaranteed a one-hour delivery? >> pretty much one hour. if it is a larger grocery list, it probably will be 45 the nets. stuart: you have to tell me the price. >> there is no delivery cost. this is very much what we spend a lot of time working on. our guys make their money working off of tips.
12:27 pm
stuart: is that legal? >> yeah. they need a lot of money. it can range from anything. everything you want from every store and every restaurant. to the messengers, the guys that ride the bikes, do they compete amongst themselves? >> they do. it is a japanese word for hospitality. >> i never thought i would see the day where a bicycle
12:28 pm
messenger service would take off in san francisco of all places. you are telling us all about it. thank you for telling us about it. appreciate it. president obama says our economy is doing just fine. do not tell that to nearly one quarter of all working age people that do not get a paycheck at all. lou dobbs is next. >> the industry really is under attack. it is very difficult in this environment to protect a profit. ♪ ♪
12:29 pm
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imagine what they can do for yours. when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
12:32 pm
stuart: check the big board. we are losing a little steam but still slightly higher. look at the price of oil fallen. supposed to be larger than expected opec oil supply and the headline in the financial times, america is set to become the largest oil producer in the world thanks to fracking. three straight months of low growth home prices, the slowest pace of rising prices in two years. cheryl casone watches the real estate market, it looks like the rebound has peaked. and it is coming down.
12:33 pm
>> i actually found some good news in this. home prices are still rising. it has slowed down, but they are still going higher. the real question is affordability. americans, millennials still cannot afford to buy, so there is good news in price appreciation slow down. we want to see that, you want to see more regular people buying homes. not investors, regular americans buying homes. why not? stuart: this regular american wants to see the prices of his house keep on rising, okay? >> that's not possible. stuart: but you do get my point. >> i get your point as a homeowner but the overall housing market, we are going hit a wall if we go along at this pace. don't laugh at me, lou dobbs, don't even start with me today. you want to see more people
12:34 pm
getting into the housing market. i promise you that. he likes me. i have known him for 40 years, we had a bet for $5 i lost and i never paid you. >> despite numerous offers to halve the debt, but stuart varney is a man of principle. one could argue what kind of principle. >> he shops at walmart to shop for shoes to play tennis. we are wasting a lot of time. cheryl, thank you very much.
12:35 pm
you are on this program to answer one very question be at the president said we are better off now than six years ago, what do you say to that? >> he hasn't looked at the wage information on the data, wages in this country have been for the most part for the past decade a little bit longer, absolutely stagnant. not taking that into account, unemployed, underemployed or having given up on being employed, one out of four people unemployed have been so chronically long-term. visit terrible thing for president to advance and argue for his legacy. stuart: the people are not listening. when he was given the big spin of better off now than 60 years ago, the ratings went into the tank. he took 40 minutes into the 60 minutes program and i'm told the ratings dropped over 60% from
12:36 pm
the previous week. they turned him off. >> part of that is a suggestion once steve kroft is the television frame, it is a lovefest that is sometimes awkward to watch. stuart: are you critical of "60 minutes"? you were a segment. >> i was, a large segment as it were. stuart: the president only attends four out of 10 intelligence briefings. a lot of times he may not read the written memo, what do you make of that? >> the man is shameless, and blaming him for the deficiencies and decision-making and assimilating all of that information at we spend literally billions of dollars to bring together for the purpose of our executive branch to make decisions in the interest of national security. for him not to show up for six out of 10 meetings, some
12:37 pm
question to ask us about how much of the remaining 40% he absorbs or reads is astonishing that this president ever wanted to be president. why bother? stuart: you don't care much for the performance of this president. this president has set new standards eclipse the performance of jimmy carter. .21 single area of policy this president has seized and has done an extra night job in terms of government, terms of vision, i don't find that single area. extraordinary. charles: why aren't they working all over the opponents in the election for the senate and 34 days time?
12:38 pm
>> you may have noticed some deficiencies. i think this country and the presidencies of bill clinton, george w. bush and barack obama and success in to have three presidents some video care, the testament, free enterprise capitalist economy because these 3 liters i think history will judge very severely. stuart: have you got your on anybody who will lead us out of what you call three mediocre presidencies? >> i have one person who is a lot of discussion who is sort of percolating on the margin. and not because i have decided i think he would be the candidate, he has the d-uppercase-letter
12:39 pm
develop new standards for a candidate that would perhaps move a lot of what i would call choices. james webb. former secretar secretary of the is a democrat as far as i know. i do think he would run as an american, and i do think this is the time for such candidate. i think he changes the algorithm for the candidates in both parties if he were to actually be drafted for the debate, this is very intelligent, knowledgeable, combat decorated former marine who served the nation and has done very well, a talent that might be a difference maker. stuart: you were a marine yourself. >> hanging on as best i could.
12:40 pm
stuart: if you are not careful, will make it twice a week. >> then i will be careful. stuart: the power of social media, stirring up big business for a nfl players winery. melissa francis has details coming up after the break but first in all the negative news out there, a story that will bring may be a smile your face. a couple in iowa left a $100 tip on a $66 tab. they say the service was horrible but their waiter was the only one working the floor, was also bartending as well, totally overworked. the story went viral on the web, this is the kind of news we like report especially because i was once a waiter.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business briefs. dow jones industrial average down 15 points. some back-and-forth action throughout this tasty at 17,055. the s&p down five and nasdaq composite down 10 at the moment. watching oil selling off, shares of oil companies also selling off. this has been a particularly weak sector. a reuters survey showing oil supplies have actually jumped the highest level since
12:43 pm
november 2012. alcoa getting a pump. the stock up 1.4%, and dreamworks jumped 26% yesterday on reports softbank may be interested in dreamworks although the talks have called apparently. more fox business coming up. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen.
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12:45 pm
joining us from san francisco is michael robinson. first up, what is happening in hong kong with the premise of this program is what is happening there and in japan and europe what is happening over there the bad stuff brings money here, hot money comes here, do you accept the premise there? >> yes, i do, as a matter of fact. the dollar is on quite the role because we are stable. nobody else is as stable as the united states is right now. the u.s. economy at all a lot of political stability here, but a econdeconomy right now, gdp just quarter 4.6% as i recall, so things are going pretty well in the united states. you want the dollar. stuart: we are safe. i want to move on to ebay that is going to split from paypal. a standalone publicly traded company next year. do you like it when it is
12:46 pm
standalone? >> i do like it. one in every $6 done electronically, digital payments is where we are at right now. apple pay coming out, getting free advertising on wells fargo atms so it is all about the digital payments system, ebay is a fast-growing company, almost as big as the parent ebay. last march when i studied this i wasn't in favor of it but now so much is going on for digital payments. also it is a tax-free dividend. they sell off the first two years of their operation. if you want to get paypal, now the special dividend. hit into ebay. stuart: sold.
12:47 pm
getting some breaking news just happen. jerry brown has signed california's statewide ban on plastic bags signed into law. the first state to pass that kind of a ban. phased out of large grocery stores next year and convenience stores and pharmacies in 2016. after that you have to bring your own bag when you go shopping just like europe. monday night football through quite a bit of buzz last night. tom brady was benched, but here's the story, before the two teams took the field, a pregame report featuring nfl quarterback drew bledsoe winery caught the attention of lebron james as in basketball. tweeting this, just saw your special with rick reilly, i want to try it as well. looks great, can you ship to ohio? melissa frances speaking with drew bledsoe and she is here
12:48 pm
right now. i never knew there is a connection between wine, football and basketball. melissa: there is, and it is twitter. he did not even use drew bledsoe twitter handle, but he got picked up and retreated. drew bledsoe said of course we will send you wine. from there it started trending and it went everywhere. it was worth about $108,000, i think it was worth a lot more than that because it sells about $90 per bottle, so maybe it sold 1000 bottles. it is all about this story. it is actually very well regarded, 9 95 on the wine spectator. the celebrity endorsement hit twitter, had enormous response and up goes the advertising value on the free messages.
12:49 pm
>> lot had to do with the fact it was obviously sincere. athletes no other athletes, trying to put them into promoting things all the time but this was like i'm getting ready for the game and i saw this, it was a neat story. talking about the incredible career he has done for himself after football where it is a well-regarded winery. stuart: are you going to talk to him about the winery, the wine or the free advertising? melissa: all of it and maybe even, brady riding the bench. this is something drew bledsoe hits close to home for him. we will have a little football, something for everybody can't wait. can i have one of those diamonds you are using in the next segment? stuart: q the harps. we have diamonds on set with us, we will try you how much you have to pay for the best, the most beautiful diamonds after
12:50 pm
the break. melissa: i want one now. stuart: back in a second.
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we love to travel -- and there's so much more to see. so we found a plan that can travel with us. anywhere in the country. [ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: everybody knows how would love to talk about diamonds on this program so what we have for you now are four
12:54 pm
diamonds. these are diamonds to die for, so to speak. joining us, thank you so much for bringing these beauties into the studios. i'm starting with 13.5 radiant cut diamond, can we isolate that, please? $41.3 million, $100,000 a carrot. it seems rather high. it seems rather high. >> these diamonds are truly exceptional diamonds. we do a lot of research into consumers how they purchase diamonds, what they are looking for. to be smart is really so key. these diamonds are exceptional because everyone is uniquely inscribed with its own inscription number attached to it through a proprietary technology that does this, which
12:55 pm
is important to consumers, and to understanding this. stuart: i want to move to number two. oval cut diamond for $1.4 million, $100,000. >> the diamond dream is alive and well. we are seeing strong sales around the country of this particular collection. forever mark averages the years of the group intelligence of diamond cutting, you really can't go any higher. stuart: 13.5 cushion cut diamond for $625,000. >> have been told not to leave the studio until i can secure a sale with you. stuart: $50,000 per carat.
12:56 pm
just take that and run? why is that inferior? >> it is a combination of the cut, color, clarity and carat weight going into determining the value of a diamond but of course they are significantly more exceptional. stuart: last one, 10 carats, the smallest in the studio this morning, a mere 10 carats, $1.2 million, this is round and brilliant cut. >> still the most popular shape we are seeing for american choice in diamonds. stuart: all four of them have a special inscription to tell a story of where it is from and who had it previously. >> we do so much research in understanding what they want out of their diamonds. it is again about us having a smart diamond showcasing at her journey from the moment it is uncovered to hopefully your finger.
12:57 pm
stuart: can i therefore in for those four diamonds are south african diamonds? >> the primary resources for these diamonds. stuart: they are not for auction. are you familiar with them? >> you know your stuff. stuart: just into doing, as simple as that. those diamonds are flat out for sale. >> these are select market retailers around the country. stuart: i am giving you a commercial, am i not? >> we appreciate your support. we can talk after the show. stuart: appreciated, thank you very much, indeed. down the street flat, up 6 points, 17,077. i am going to call that dead
12:58 pm
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just dropped its first bombs on iraq from the wall street journal. my time is up. here is cheryl casone. cheryl: lou dobbs just won $5. no kidding. this is what you call an about face. ebay doing a complete reversal saying it will spin off paypal after all. we will tell you what this means for carl icahn. he got his way in the end. phones from miami to new york to california are ringing as fund managers try to take clients after the sudden exit of bill gross. some are worried the drama could destabilize financial markets. listen up, and there is. playing the video game is not a workout. introducing nerve fitness. we will explain later on in


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